Giving Back to the Community

Topics: Educational psychology, Learning, Mental retardation Pages: 2 (465 words) Published: May 23, 2012
Giving Back to My Community
I dedicate many hours of my time to significant community service activities. Through my participation in such service projects and activities, I have learned many valuable lessons about the significance of each individual in the community.

As a literacy volunteer, I am given the opportunity to see the glow on a mother’s face when she realizes that her son will finally be given the gift of the ability to read. I am given the satisfaction of knowing that my time is positively contributing to another’s life.

Another community service activity that has significantly influenced the community is my involvement in Teen Court. Teen Court is an alternative program to the court system that provides graduated penalties for juvenile offenders. It is an innovative program that benefits teens on both sides of the court system. The teens who are brought before the Teen Court learn to accept the consequences of their actions, without having a flaw in their permanent record. On the other hand, the teens that comprise the court system are educated about the justice system while they work together for awareness and compliance with the law. As a member of the Teen Court program, I am able to provide far-reaching benefits for all members of the community by keeping the youth well disciplined and well educated. Recognizing the need for volunteers at a facility for mentally retarded children, I immediately seized the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of these children. As I read and play with them, I realize how simple pleasures bring so much satisfaction and joy to their hearts. I take great pride, knowing that I am spreading a feeling of warmth and happiness with my actions. At the local Boy’s and Girl’s Club, I have initiated a program, called “Bookworm”, which encourages young children to read. As I go and read to these children, I realize that I am not only increasing their interest in reading, but that I am also serving as a role model...
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