Good Relationship in Marriage

Topics: Marriage, Love, Alimony Pages: 2 (652 words) Published: March 16, 2013
Definition- Good Relationship in Marriage

Looking for a good relationship in marriage, nowadays, is hard to find. Most married couples, instead of building a good relationship, prefer to hurt one another’s feeling until love fades away. A lot of survey proves that not too many marriages stand still because of so many marital problems. Everyone is running after his own solutions. It is obvious to note that good relationship in marriage does not come about by accident. It takes years of dedicated work to maintain this relationship in good shape. Millions of couples think they can make it work. But it takes a lot of commitment on both sides to continue to work on the relationship. However, there are many factors that play important roles in a good relationship but the following are considered to be very valuable: trust, communication, and loyalty. People who just get married need to work very hard on building trust in their marriage. Trust is considered to be a corner stone that holds couples together even when they face great challenges. Without trust, couples are subject to encounter crises in the relationship and have doubts about each other. Distrust is mistaken perceptions which are caused by excess bad opinions in the heart and mind. It is the outgrowth of guilt and self-doubt. Distrust is also fear because it has the temperament of defensiveness and shows a lack of interest because it seeks to hide itself. Distrust can imprisoned anyone, while trust attempts to set some one free. So, couples who develop trust in their relationship have security and probably feel closer.

The next important factor that plays an important role in a good relationship is of course communication. It is very sad these days to encounter couples who are suffering in their relationship because of lack of communication. They say they feel guilty because they do not respect each other. Communication in marriage is the main key to overcome any type of situations. Sometimes...
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