Graded Assignment: Global Interactions Unite Test

Topics: Slavery, Caribbean, Europe Pages: 2 (572 words) Published: January 23, 2015
Graded Assignment
Unit Test, Part 2: Global Interactions, c. 1450 C.E. to c. 1750 C.E. If you have suggestions for improving this key, send them to (45 points)
1. Unfree labor systems were widely used for agricultural production from 1450 to1750. Analyze the major similarities and differences between two of the following systems: Caribbean slavery
West African slavery
Russian serfdom
Carrabin slavery and west African slavery had many similarities and differences. West African slavery was used in the new world by Spanish and Portuguese explorers and conquers. They brought them to the new world for farm labor. On the other hand England and France thought of the same ideas, bringing African slaves from Africa to work mostly on sugar plantations. In general Europeans couldn’t work on farms on their own, they felt like they needed others to work for them, so they bought slaves and shipped them to the new world in order for their farms and plantations to keep going.

When Spanish and Portuguese explorers first settled in the new world, they thought of calming the land they discover to their country. As they settled and as trading went by in the new world, they couldn’t work on the farms themselves. They basically needed others to work under their command. When the exploration went around the coast of Africa to reach India, they found what they call slaves to do farm labor in the new world. It started out as a trade with the Spanish and Portuguese and African tribe leaders. They slaves they traded for would be placed on slave ships and would be shipped to the new world. When they arrived at the new world, they wouldn’t have much freedom except on the farm science now they were owned by the Spanish and Portuguese.

The main reason slaves were bought by the Portuguese was for farm labor and growing different types of crops for trade. On the other hand, other European nations explored the new world and claimed...
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