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Methods of Assessment Matrix

Traditional assessment
Authentic assessment
Oral question

1. To document mastery of content

This is overview material. With a quiz, summary or multiple choice the instructor will know if the student was able to grasp the information taught. Simply selecting the right answer will surely display if the content was learned. 2. To document critical thinking


Because this type of assessment involves more than just answering a question. This would also include the passage way to the answer, sort of like showing your work when you do a long math problem. It is laid out in that type of format to understand the logic behind the answer. 3. To document skills


This is good for individuals to openly present what was learned corporately. Such as second languages, that are taught generally as students enter the classroom the teacher will demonstrate language and set the tone for what is expected. They will conduct oral exams to make sure they are using the correct sentence structure, verb, and form. 4. To diagnose weaknesses


5. To determine accountability


This is a compulation of quatitative study of the quality of what students are learning. These reports are often gathered through data that is extracted from a wide variety of standardized test. The information gathered from these test are presented in a numeric format. 6. To evaluate course objectives and materials


This is peer ratings, questionaires or surveys. These are often given at the end of a course or online training class for feedback on the assessment. 7. To determine faculty / instructional effectiveness


By using surveys and questionaires it will determine how effective the staff...
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