Green Chemistry

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Green chemistry for chemical synthesis addresses our future challenges in working with chemical processes and products by inventing novel reactions that can maximize the desired products and minimize by-products, designing new synthetic schemes and apparatus that can simplify operations in chemical productions, and seeking greener solvents that are inherently environmentally and ecologically benign.

Nowadays, one can hardly turn on the television or open a newspaper without bombardment from ads boasting a product or company’s “greenness.” The term has been splashed across headlines and billboards everywhere: “Go Green,” “Think Green” Green Chemistry has emerged in the 1990s as a way that the skills, knowledge, and talents of chemists can be used avoid threats to human health and the environment in all types of chemical processes. One of the most active areas of Green Chemistry research and development is in analytical methodology development. New methods and techniques that reduce and eliminate the use and generation of hazardous substances through all aspects of the chemical analysis lifecycle are the manifestations of the recent interest in Green Analytical Chemistry. Reactions play the most fundamental role in synthesis. The ideology of Green Chemistry calls for the development of new chemical reactivites and reaction conditions that can potentially provide benefits for chemical syntheses in terms of resource and energy efficiency, product selectivity, operational simplicity, and health and environmental safety. Green analytical chemistry

The relationship between green chemistry and analytical chemistry can be treated in two ways. Analytical chemistry is a subject to control and justify green chemistry. This is where analytical chemistry, is an efficient tool for conformation of the green result of a chemical product or technology. On the other hand, chemical analysis methods need solvents, reagents, and energy, and they generate waste. It is a project that aims to define, identify, and promote green analytical methods. The principles of green chemistry, are directly related to analytical chemistry as well, the most important of them being * Prevention of waste generation;

* Safer solvents and auxiliaries;
* Design for energy efficiency; and
* Safer chemistry to minimize the potential of chemical accidents. If hazardous chemicals can’t be replaced then use smaller amounts of them Sample The Twelve Principles of Green Chemistry
1. Prevention
It is better to prevent waste than to treat or clean up waste after it has been created. 2. Atom Economy
Synthetic methods should be designed to maximize the incorporation of all materials used in the process into the final product. 3. Less Hazardous Chemical Syntheses
Wherever practicable, synthetic methods should be designed to use and generate substances that possess little or no toxicity to human health and the environment.

4. Designing Safer Chemicals
Chemical products should be designed to affect their desired function while minimizing their toxicity. 5. Safer Solvents and Auxiliaries
The use of auxiliary substances (e.g., solvents, separation agents, etc.) should be made unnecessary wherever possible and innocuous when used. 6. Design for Energy Efficiency
Energy requirements of chemical processes should be recognized for their environmental and economic impacts and should be minimized. If possible, synthetic methods should be conducted at ambient temperature and pressure. 7. Use of Renewable Feedstock

A raw material or feedstock should be renewable rather than depleting whenever technically and economically practicable. 8. Reduce Derivatives
Unnecessary derivatization (use of blocking groups, protection/ deprotection, temporary modification of physical/chemical processes) should be minimized or avoided if possible,...
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