Happiness in Marriage

Topics: Family, Marriage, Pregnancy Pages: 2 (376 words) Published: June 6, 2013
What changes did Sanger describe in married relations in recent generations? Marriage was synonymous with maternity. But the pain, the suffering, the wrecked lives of women and children that such a system caused, show us that it did not work successfully. Like all other professions, motherhood must serve its period of apprenticeship.

What changes did Sanger hope would come about if unplanned pregnancies still occur in the United States? Sanger hoped if unplanned pregnancy could be prevented it would allow the husband and wife to become more stable before planning a decision of having a child. That in the end it would help them to support and afford proper care for the child. Do debates concerning birth control and unplanned pregnancies still occur in the U.S.? Yes debates still occur in the United States some churches still don’t recognize birth control and don’t allowed abortion. Are Sanger’s points still relevant and explain your decision? I would say yes, it’s still relevant because of high number of young adults having unplanned pregnancy without knowledge of the future and the risk of having a unborn child at a young age. How do Sanger's views on marriage apply to today's definition of 'marriage' (single parents, same sex parenting, and blended families). Sanger ‘s definition apply to a happy relationship between husband and wife, but for today society we have different types of parents some are in same sex, divorce and single parent who are just happy to have a children and do the responsibility of the parent even if the child is theirs or not, but for me I will not include the “OctoMom” Nadya Suleman on the single parenting because she cannot support those kids and now that it’s the tax payer’s money is suffering from her wrong doing.



Anthony Neal,
It’s true that more people are opting out to having children and focus more on what they...
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