Hcs 320 Communication

Topics: Health care, Illness, Medicine Pages: 2 (722 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Communication Opinion Paper
Karen Candido-Johnson
March 18, 2013
Lynn Bell

Communication Opinion Paper

Communication is expression of meaning through verbal and non-verbal means. It is the basis for relaying all information to another person or persons. We use it every day to tell people how we feel, to inform them of a situation or just to say hi. Effective communication is essential to getting your ideas and thoughts across accurately and understood. Healthcare communication differs since the information is more sensitive than communication, say, between friends. The patient has to be able to effectively give their concerns over to a stranger for the most part and it is the Dr.’s job to understand that information given. Culture can also play a role too as different ideas about what communication is varies. The basic elements of communication which are listening, body language, speaking, open ended questions, summarizing, emotions and follow up (Hewitt,2009). For effective communication to occur shared understanding must happen (Cheesbro, O’Connor & Rios, 2010) You can have all the basics of communication but unless both parties understand each other then it is just baseless information. The basic elements of effective communication differ from the basic rules of health care because there is often not shared understanding. A provider will receive the information from the patient regarding symptoms and make an informed decision. The Dr. will then try to explain to the patient the problem but it is hard to do so when someone does not have the medical background to understand what the situation is. This makes it difficult for effective communication to occur. In order to have the best chance at effective communication the provider has to encourage the patient to give as much information as possible. Patients may have a difficult time getting across to their Dr. what they are feeling or what is going on. It is then the providers...

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