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Highlands Coffee’s Summary11
Plan for collecting primary and secondary data to find out customers’ awareness11 Survey methodology and sampling method(s) used in market research project13 Questionnaire14
Calculate the dispersion of purchasing time16
Analyze the data collected using measures of dispersion and draw conclusions21 Quartiles, percentiles and coefficients of correlation21
The outcomes of the survey24

The standard of Vietnamese citizen is now improving very well. Eating and drinking demands are increasing every day. Everybody wants to have high quality and healthy food and drink. Eating service develops every moment in the morning and in the night. In Vietnam nowadays, lots of big/small restaurants, cafes/coffee shops and ice cream/yogurt shops are springing up everywhere. Usual drink of Vietnamese people in the morning is coffee and this had become a habit of Vietnamese people for a long time. Therefore, many coffee brands appear to serve and satisfy that habit and Highlands Coffee is one of them.

Highlands coffee’s summary:

David Thai established Highlands Coffee in 1972, and it now has become a popular coffee brand name. It achieves "first" when registers the private company as a joint stock company. Vision to one-day list on the stock exchange. Launches packaged roast and ground "Highlands Coffee" brand through high-end hotels and supermarkets in the year 2000. The goal of the year 2007: 70 cafes by year-end is set and it will include national iconic locations such as the Hanoi Opera House. (Source: www.highlandscoffee.com.vn)

1a Plan for collecting primary and secondary data to find out customers’ awareness Before doing a research, the objectives of its must be outlined. - Finding out the customers’ awareness of Highlands coffee’s products and the demand of Vietnam coffee market. - Discovering the customers’ taste, preferences, trends, purchasing behavior, expectations and perceptions on the products of Highlands coffee.

When doing a research to achieve the objectives that has been set at the first, there should be a plan for the collection of both primary and secondary data, which are needed to make the objectives done.

* Primary data are the collected data, which are made by doing survey. To have the primary data, there are many useful ways to collect those such as direct observation, interviewing and questionnaires, which might give good information of the customers’ opinions about the company’s products. However, to find out the potential customers to collect their ideas about Highlands Coffee, supermarkets and stores where Highlands Coffee’s products are sold, would helped. By that, I can meet the direct customers who have inspiration on coffee, and discover and explore their comments about Highlands and that will be useful for the company to know about its customers’ awareness.

Advantages| Disadvantages|
* The data would satisfied the collector needs * Collected in different methods so that the data is more diverted * It is relatively cheap and no prior arrangements are required * The data is current so the company can better have a realistic view about the topic under consideration.| * Time and effort consuming * Incomplete questionnaire always give a negative impact on the research. * Some the data has collected can be wrong with the reality because some respondents may give fake, socially acceptable and sweet answers and try to cover up the realities. |

* Secondary data are data, which have already collected. Those data are also useful for the survey. Those might bring to the company their business results to let them know how they succeed in their business and how they satisfy their customers. To find those data, I can go to the internet to find out some reports that might come from the company’s survey in the past,...

References: Figure 1 (2011)
The above bar chart show the popularity of Highlands Coffee’s products
In doing business, most of companies want to be famous, so they always consider that the marketing activities are very important for them to let the customers know about their brands.
Figure 2 (2011)
Figure 3 (2011)
The two charts, figure 2 and figure 3, of the popularity of Highlands Coffee and purchasing place state that most of customers of Highlands Coffee know about the brand by seeing the store on the streets and their friends tell them
Figure 4 (2011)
Factors | Numbers | Percentage |
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