Hinduism arranged marriage

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When people talk about marriage today, many people automatically think about romantic love and “love at first sight.” However, some marriages are not made based off of love; this is called an arranged marriage. Some people think that the idea is repulsive but they do not take into account some of the benefits that may result from arranged marriages. In society today, many are accustomed to romantic love. However, arranged marriages are still being practiced, especially throughout Hinduism. Given the many cons that can result from this practice, there can still be many positive outcomes such as, lower divorce rates, family approval and most often, financial stability.

Divorce rates are lower in arranged marriages as compared to romantic love. This could be due to the idea that it is frowned upon by the families of either spouse due to the dishonor that is said to occur from a divorce, or the idea that after marriage, both people have learned to love one another or cope with each other. For example, romantic love is not always successful because the attraction or awe that once existed in the marriage is no longer there, which leads to unhappiness. “What counts in making a happy marriage is not so much how compatible you are, but how you deal with incompatibility” (Leo Nikolaevich). Nikolaevich states that despite the differences that can result from an arranged marriage, there is still a chance to have a happy marriage as long as both spouses are able to focus on how to cope with each other and their differences. Instead of complaining about differences, look at what they have in common and what helps them get along with one another, and give time to learn to love each other or give each other mutual respect. Furthermore, given that not all marriages by choice end up successful, not all arranged marriages end up miserable and unsuccessful.

Secondly, given the circumstance that parents choose a woman’s groom,...
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