Historical Foundations in the Field of Psychology

Topics: Learning, Psychology, Scientific method Pages: 4 (1289 words) Published: September 18, 2010
This final assignment is a reflective paper in which the historical, philosophical, and empirical foundations of the field of learning in psychology and its applications will be discussed. Additionally, there will be a discussion of the ways that history has helped to shape important contemporary learning theories and issues. Lastly, the paper will provide an explanation of how specific topics and information such as instrumental conditioning techniques and the usefulness of different learning styles may impact my personal and professional life and how the different aspects of the field of learning have added value to my body of knowledge as a student and future professional in the field of psychology.

Historical Foundations
Of the Field of Learning & Shaping Important Contemporary Issues It is a natural course of action for the field of learning to fall under the umbrella of the field of psychology. A branch of philosophy and science, the field of learning, just as the field of psychology, was created through the movements of empiricism and rationalism, along with the development of evolution theory (Terry, 2009). These movements fostered interest in scientific investigation thus giving way to epistemology, which means, theory of knowledge. Questions concerning nature and nurture sparked interest in how we came to have knowledge, which is the main tenet of the field of learning (Terry, 2009). In the field of psychology, the learning theories provide a way to explain how we learn and attain knowledge; how we think. While philosophers agreed with the basic definition of knowledge and learning, which is defined as the acquisition of knowledge, their opinions varied in how acquisition occurs (Terry, 2009). Descartes suggested that although we learn, other sources of knowledge exist. He introduced the ideas of nativism and rationalism. He proposed that we have innate knowledge of our ideas of God, infinity, and perfecton (Terry, 2009)....

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