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Topics: Cuba, Slavery, Caribbean Pages: 2 (377 words) Published: December 2, 2013
Past paper questions 2005-2009
Abolition of slavery
2005 Assess the strategies used by the british Abolitionsits against the institution of slavery. 2006Assess the view that the economic decline of the plantation system in the colonies which became British before 1793 was a MAJOR factor leading to the abolition of slavery in the British Caribbean.

2008Assess the factors that contributed to the abolition of the trans-Atlantic trade in Africans to the Caribbean.

2009Discuss the view that the disintegration of the system of enslavement was the result of forces from within as well as from outside the Caribbean. Haiti 1804-1825
2005Discuss the view that internal instability and external hostility undermined the new Haitian state between 1804 and 1825. 2007Discuss the view that the first TWO decades of haiti’s independence were marked by instability at home and antagonism from abroad. 2009“The challenges faced by Haiti in creating a free society after independence were due mainly to external factors.” Discuss this statement ith reference to the period 1804-1825.

2007Discuss the factors that led Fidel catsro’s nationalist movement of 1959 to move steadily towards communism by 1970. 2008Discuss the view that closer relationships between Cuba and the English-speaking Caribbean countries brought both benefits and political tensions between 1974 and 1983. 2008Examine the view that Fidel castro’s rise to political power in Cuba began with the July 26 Movement and was consolidated by 1961.

2006Discuss the factors that assisted the rise of the peasantry in the post-slavery Caribbean up to 1900.

Workers’ Rebellion
2005“A conflict between the old order and new circumstances”. Discuss this view with reference to ONE of the following workers’ rebellions; -Labour protest, ST. Vincent, 1862
-Morant bay Rebellion, Jamaica, 1865
Confederation Riots, Barbados, 1876

2008“Social, economic and...
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