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flametestlab - Flame Test Lab

Write out formulas for all solutions and get teachers initial. Obtain solutions to be tested. Light Bunsen burner flame. Dip wire in one solution and place it in the ...

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Central Bucks School District

The purpose of this experiment is to observe the characteristic flame test colors of different .... Answers 1'0 Post-Lab Questions (Student answers will vary.) 1.

Flame Test Lab - Aidan Sterk's Digital Portfolio - Google Sites

In this lab, we will record the flame test color of several metals by making solutions of salts, or ionic compounds, of those metals then igniting them with a match.

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University of California, Santa Barbara

Introduction: In this lab you will conduct a flame test of 3 unknown solutions. You will ... Before completing Parts 2-4, you MUST complete the pre-lab so you are.

Flame Test - Colorful Elements - Steve Spangler Science

Steve Spangler Science

Observe the colors of burning metals with awesome flame tests. Submit A ... The experiment that you just conducted is called a flame test. A flame test is a ...


In this experiment, you will perform the flame tests used to identify ... In this lab, the solutions you will be using contain harmful materials. Avoid skin contact with ...

Spectroscopy Lab

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