Hofstede And Trompenaars

Topics: Social status, Cross-cultural communication, Ascribed status Pages: 2 (1389 words) Published: March 19, 2015
Fons Trompenaars’ Four Types of Corporate Culture
Guided Missile – a project-oriented approach; concerned with results. This group looks for practical solutions to shared challenges via multi-disciplinary teams. The U.K. and U.S. fit into this group.

Familial – this is a power-oriented model in which a ‘family’ approach is taken. Power comes from high but is well known and there is a deep concern for all members. Japan and Belgium fit into this model.

Eiffel Tower – a role-oriented group in which hierarchy is important; top-down management style. To manage change, the business would have to change rules and procedures. France and Germany score high in this model.

Incubator – fulfillment-oriented group who see all members as ‘co-creators’. A relatively egalitarian structure in which individuals are given the freedom to improvise. Silicon Valley is a good example of where this has worked to great effect. Trompenaars and Hampden-Turner: Seven Cultural Dimensions

1. UNIVERSALISM versus PLURALISM “What is more important – rules or relationships?” The degree of importance a culture assigns to either the law or to personal relationships. In a universalistic culture, people share the belief that general rules, codes, values and standards take precedence over the needs and claims of friends and other relationships. In a pluralistic culture, people see culture in terms of human friendship and intimate relationships. While rules do exist in a pluralistic culture, they merely codify how people relate to one another. 2. INDIVIDUALISM versus COMMUNITARISNISM “Do we function as a group or as individuals?” The degree to which people see themselves function more as a community or more as individuals. In a principally individualistic culture, people place the individual before the community. This means that individual happiness, fulfillment and welfare prevails and people take their own initiative and take care of themselves. In a principally communitarian culture,...
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