Hofstede Model

Topics: Cross-cultural communication, Geert Hofstede, Culture Pages: 3 (872 words) Published: February 11, 2011
Hofstede’s Model
Geert Hofstede developed a cultural dimension model that explains the five categories of positions between national cultures. The five dimensions pertaining to this model include: individualism, materialism, time orientation, deference to authority and uncertainty avoidance. Hofstede’s research is still practiced today but has undergone some changes since it was first introduced due to cultural and economic modifications during past years.

To understand this model the five dimensions need to be discussed and explained. Individualism refers to which people feel they are supposed to take care of or to be cared for either by families or organizations they belong to. Materialism is a culture pertaining to dominance, and acquisition of things versus a culture which is conducive to people and their feelings and the quality of life. Time orientation involves short term goals that emphasize value orientation towards the present and long term goals, which look into the future, like saving and persistence. Deference of authority is the ability of the manager to be seen as superior and favored. If they are challenged then they are able to handle the situation in a manner that reflects this principle. Lastly, the uncertainty avoidance discusses how people in a country prefer structured or unstructured situations. The United States falls very high on the individualist scale. This is due to many people relying on their own self-interests. The best way to boost productivity in the United States is to offer rewards and bonuses that tie into employee’s individual performances. In the U.S. people live for the present, which correlates to receiving those bonus and rewards immediately rather than waiting for them in the future. When employees have a problem with their supervisors they usually confront them and try to discuss the process to figure out a logical way to go about the problem. The U.S. also has a low uncertainty avoidance, which is...
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