Hofstede's 5 Deminsions

Topics: Geert Hofstede, Individual, Cross-cultural communication Pages: 2 (706 words) Published: July 21, 2013
The Hofstede’s 5 dimensions are Power Distance, Individualism vs. Collectivism, Masculinity vs. Femininity, Uncertainty and Long Term vs. Short Term Orientation. Power distance index is when the less powerful members of an organization or institution expect power to be distrusted unequally. It represents inequality and a society’s expectations of its leaders. Power Distance measures the distribution of power between the people in the nation and the businesses’ and culture. It is in order to make sure the regular citizens submit to authority.

Individualism is when a person has a feeling that life belongs to them and that they have the right to live as they seem fit. It is the idea that one is able to act and live as they please. It is up to the person to choose their values, and morals. It compares to the idea that the Founding Fathers put forth in America. Individual rights are extremely important to Americans. Collectivism is the idea that the individual’s life is not theirs but belongs to the group or society which they live in. It is the thought that one must sacrifice these morals for the group and the greater good of their country.

In society there are two roles, masculinity and femininity. Masculinity portrays that men must be tough, and assertive and be the breadwinner. Femininity in society represents women. Femininity is supposed to represent someone who is tender, modest and family oriented.

Uncertainty Avoidance is how the culture adapts to changes and different events the environment may pose as threats. It does not mean how well someone avoids risks but how well someone handles the risks that are posed at them. Long term vs. Short term orientation is the dimension that Hofstede used to distinguish the way the East and the West thinks. This is the understanding of how a cultural difference affects the orientation of the country. Long term orientation is a person who has persistence, having a sense of shame and ordering relationships by...

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