Holistic Education Essay

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A.Holistic Education
a.Meaning of Holistic Education
Previously, this research will explain the definition of Holistic Education Strategy separated from the definition of Contextual Teaching and Learning. Some experts define Holistic Education as: “Holistic Education is a phylosophy of education based on the premise that each person finds identity, meaning and purpose in life through connection to the cummunity, to natural world, and to humanitarian values such as compassion and peace” (Miller, 1999) “Holistic Education is cultivating the whole person and helping individuals live more conciously within their communities and natural ecosystems” (Miller, 2005).

From the statements above, it can be concluded that Holistic Education is a phylosophy of education creating a better mankind whose ability is to socialize with the nature, community and humanitarian values; so that they are able to live better around the community.

For his definition, Miller also implies that to have a better life in the community in this era is not only by giving intellectual capital, but also by giving moral or humanitarian value. Students will be a good social human being because they will be able to face diversity. They will also be able to love each other because they tought to love and be loved. Besides, students are prepared to adjust and adapt with the natural environment which will be their real life in the future. b.Purpose of Holistic Education

Holistic Education has great purposes to create a better human life through a better education system given to the students. According to Miller (2005), Holistic Education aims at calling forth from people an intrinsic reverence for life and passionate love of learning. Besides, Martin (2003), also says that what distinguishes Holistic Education from other education strategy is in its goals, its attention to experiantial learning, and the significance that it places on relationships and primary human within the learning environment.

Holistic Education creates a learning community which is able to stimulate the development of creativity and students’ wonder about the world. Students are being involved to the community to find the definition. So, it makes students learn what they need from every new context. c.Perspectives of Holistic Education

According to Maslow (1954), there are seven perspectives of Holistic Education for students to possess during classroom activity; intellectual, emotional, social, physical, artistic, creative and spiritual potentials.

According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, the word ‘intellectual’ means the power of knowing or thinking. It leads to how students get the information and save it in their mind well. While, Rubiyanto (2010) says that by intellectual skill, students are able to know scientific knowledge and theories. However, Holistic Education Strategy is not merely transfering the scientific knowledge, but also connecting the mind and heart into the knowledge. 2.Emotional

Emotional intelligence is also important for the students, especially in teaching learning process. According to Webster Dictionary, Emotional is an ability, skill or, a self-perceived ability to identify, assess, and control the emotions of oneself, of others, and of groups.

From the definition above, it can be said that emotional intelligence can lead students to be more emphatic in socializing with others. Holistic Education Strategy has goals to create emotional students in the classroom, school, and even in the community. 3.Social

The word ‘Social’ means relating to pleasant companionship or naturally living and growing in groups (Webster, 1831). People with social skill are eager to adjust with others because they realize that they are part of the community. Holistic Education Strategy shows that teaching and learning is not only individual activity, yet it is also social activity (Yang, 2003). An individual student has to...
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