Homecoming: Marriage and Promises

Topics: Marriage, Family Pages: 2 (445 words) Published: October 13, 2013
“What did Millie say about me? Facts are facts. Did she tell you I was crazy? Maybe I am. You know? When you die, all the gases build up in your body for weeks, like yeast in dough. And you swell and swell. Then, things start exploding. That is where the stink comes from. After that, you are fresh as a daisy and the worms and maggots have you. In my opinion, Mrs. Tillerman is trying to scare them away so that the children will not leave like her kids did.

Mrs. Tillerman gives a bad impression when Dicey goes to meet her. Mrs. Tillerman did not want them interfering in her life. During the conversation Dicey tells Mrs. Tillerman sorry about her husband, her grandmother abruptly says… I am happy since he died; the first thing I bought was a washing machine… Mrs. Tillerman liked living alone as she had done for four years since her husband died. Before Dicey goes to see her grandmother, she stops by a gas station. Millie, the woman that works there tells Dicey… Mrs. Tillerman is crazy and queer, I would leave her alone… Dicey did not listen and went on her way alone without her sister and brothers. Dicey later found out while taking to Mrs. Tillerman that she was a little crazy…I sometimes think that people would be good to eat. Cows and chickens eat corn and grass and turn it into good meat… Mrs. Tillerman tells Dicey about the letter she got with all of their names… there are four of you; Maybeth is the retarded one right… Dicey blown away by this … Dicey stood up; she did not even feel bad. She did not feel anything except glad she came alone…Mrs. Tillerman’s husband was also abusive to her and her children. Mrs. Tillerman stayed with him for thirty-eight years…when you marry someone you make a promises… Mrs. Tillerman kept quiet though she wanted to have a contradiction with him… I kept those promises to love, honor, and obey … Mrs. Tillerman let things go his way and tells them it … the past is gone… but is never forgotten… That is why Dicey’s...
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