Homosexual Marriage

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Homosexual Marriage
Jeannette Angus
PHI 103
John Anthony
April 29, 2013

One of the biggest debates in the United States for the last few years has been whether or not homosexuals should be able to marry. Though there are many reasons on both sides of the fence the biggest debate regarding homosexual marriage are both personal beliefs, that all should be treated equally, and then of course religion. A few good reasons that some believe homosexuals should be able to get married is the fact that homosexuality is not a choice, and that homosexual spouses are not allowed the same basic tools and support that comes with marriage. Homosexual marriage is a battle that has been won in only a few states as many others fight for the right in their own hometowns. So the question is: Should homosexuals be able to marry? Homosexuality is not a choice and they just want the same equality as heterosexuals. It has been stated and made factual that homosexuals do not choose their sexual orientation anymore then a person can choose to be left or right handed. Meaning people have no choice in their sexual orientation. So why is there a battle between right and wrong, why do so many believe that homosexuality is a learned trait? It’s all in the way they were raised to think. There is no logical reason as to why homosexuals as individuals should not have the same equality as a heterosexual individual when equality is a big part of our constitution, you should not be able to strip a productive to society individual from their rights based solely on their sexual orientation. If a person cannot be fired from a job or denied a spot in school based on their sexuality then why strip them from something as simple as marriage, its still equality. Homosexuals share love, families, and values with each other just as heterosexual couples do, why they are denied the ability to share the rest of their lives with them through matrimony is up in the air with the conservatives who are confused as to why they do not support it. The fact of the matter is, homosexual relationships last significantly longer then heterosexual relationships. A man and a women can marry and divorce and marry again multiple times and yet a homosexual couple who have been together 20+ years don’t have the right to marry at all, where is the sense in that? Evidence supports homosexuals do not have the ability to choose their sexual orientation and that they are searching for the same equal rights as a heterosexual couple in the rights of marriage. So if equality is a huge part of the way of life in the United States and The Constitution why it is that homosexual marriage is being banned and set aside as though it don’t carry the same equality. Love is love; it’s in the eyes of the beholder, not in the eyes of our neighbors. Homosexuals don’t degrade heterosexuals for their “faults” in marriage so why is that heterosexuals can define love and marriage for a homosexual. Homosexual couples are not able to use the basic tools and support that come with marriage. “No matter how long they have been together as a couple, no matter how committed and loving their relationship, and no matter how much they need the basic tools and support that come with marriage, lesbian and gay Americans in this country are excluded from the legal right to obtain a civil marriage license and marry the person they love” (Wolfson, 2007). So let’s break that down. Your significant other dies, now what? You are not entitled to bereavement from work, to file a wrongful death claim, to draw social security, or to automatically inherit any shared property in any absence of a will. What does that say to me? Apparently homosexuals don’t deserve the chance to grieve; they don’t get to stand up for the death of their significant other in obvious cases that their death could have been prevented. You’re not allowed to obtain anything that was shared or otherwise, yet you have been in this long term relationship and...

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