Homosexuality and Marriage

Topics: Homosexuality, Marriage, Same-sex marriage Pages: 2 (517 words) Published: October 2, 2013

Marriage Laws
One law that i would like to see change is one that a lot of people probably want to be changed. I would probably like it if gay marriage was legal in every state. This doesn't really affect my life so much but if it can be done in other states, then it'd be nice if it could be done in every state. It would make a lot of people happy and it shpuldnt affect other people. I think that if gay people can show their love on the streets then they should be able to get married legally. Also, ending marriage discimination can help buils stronger families and communities. I know that some people are super religious and say it's a sin to be gay but them being gay shouldn't have to affect their life so much. Or at all.

Everybody is created equal. You are born gay, you can't change it. The government can't tell people who they should love, it's wrong! It is very funny though, because you can get married in Vegas drunk with someone you don't even know, but 2 people that have spent lots of time together and LOVE eachother, aren't allowed to get married because, "it would disrupt God's way of things," or something like that. They are just like everyone else and deserve the right to show their love like not gay people do. Love comes in all sizes and shapes and it does not matter if your gay or not love is love and marriage is marriage so why cant they get married. What makes them more different? Nothing!!

Gay marriage is a big topic here in the United States. There are many opinions about whether a marriage between two people of the same sex should be legal. The United States has come a long way with civil rights but still has a long way to go. Country’s like Russia have actually made laws against gays and is starting to look a lot like a holocaust. Gay marriage should be legal because, Marriage is not determined between gender, but lov. Gay is ok .

I think that it is crazy that the government will not let gays get married. If two people...
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