Honesty and Communication Journal

Topics: Communication, Graphic communication, Rhetoric Pages: 3 (846 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Journal #1, Honesty and Communication
Prof. Lichman

As I decided to take on this honesty challenge seriously, I wondered how hard the challenge would actually be when I actually start doing it. Many thoughts fluttered my mind and I wondered if I would actually have the capability to accomplish it to a full extent. As my mind set, I concluded that I would try my best to deliver true honesty toward as many people as I possibly can during the experiment and see what new and life changing experiences would arise during the procedure. Though I was willing to stick to the guidelines through this test, I found it incredibly difficult to adjust during the first communications. Many conversations became awkward and many people took what I had to say wrong or offensively. It helped to know that I was doing it as a way to better my communication skills and the ethos behind it all. The following details include many moments in which I found myself either uncomfortable or moments where I felt “free” in the sense that I could be able to express my honest opinion in a way that both helps the person I am communicating with and my self-esteem; producing more positivity into my life.

Although a vast amount of communication during the experiment took place with people I didn’t know (mailman, doctor, cashiers, parents, kids, etc.) most of the important self-improving conversations were either with my girlfriend or my family members.

I have always been extremely honest with my girlfriend, sometimes to the point in which it is misinterpreted, but honest none the less. My honesty is always well intended and I know that she has grown to be used to my truthful opinions to the point in which even when she hears the answer she doesn’t want to hear she won’t be offended (at least not too much). Yet during this experiment I noticed that even if I wasn’t trying to be honest, I still managed to notice other aspects of an honest communication that was always there yet I was never able...
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