Honor and Shame

Topics: Jesus, New Testament, Pontius Pilate Pages: 2 (545 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Cordarius Williams
RLGN 1330.04
Fall 2012
The New Testament Essay
In the biblical days, they had a system based on honor/shame. Where there highest individual would be the patron, the current emperor at that time. Under him would be his clients, and under them would be their clients, so on, so on. It even went as far as in the home, where the husband was the head of the wife, children, and slaves. At the lowest part of this system were the slaves that were crucified. This system was known as the Patron/Client System. In this essay I will be noting the similarities of then and now.

In the later days of Jesus the emperor was Tiberius, meaning that Tiberius would be the highest of every individual at that time. Under Tiberius were his clients, or the governors. Among the governors would be Pontius Pilate. Pilate had the right to make the judgment to condemn anyone who broke the law. He could put them in jail, stone them, or even crucify them, as he did Jesus in Matthew chapter 27. When you look at it, are the times back then any different from what they are now? In some instances yes, but I believe in this one, they are not.

In today’s world we have the president. The president is the head of heads, Commander in Chief. No one is has more authority then him. Therefore he would represent the patron. Under the president you have the governors of each state who runs their respective state. It also even goes down into the house where the husband is still head of the house as Ephesians 5:22-24 states. Also, in Ephesians 6 the statement is made that the children should obey their parents. The question could be asked, “Well Cordarius, what about the slaves in the household?” In today’s society the wealthier people higher maids and people to rake/cut their yard. Yes, those people get paid, but they are still serving the person paying them. Another issue that might pop up in my comparison is the punishment. If a person commits a murder, he is subject to life in...
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