How to motivate children (thesis)

Topics: Motivation, Educational psychology, Education Pages: 53 (19986 words) Published: January 3, 2014

1.1 Background of the Study
Nowadays, Kindergarten School from 1th to 6th is focusing strongly by state school and private school because children is Tom peang snong baboon. And Kindergarten Teacher are being given additional training, but education level of teachers remain rather low over all. Although children have sent to school to get education, but some children still don’t want to go school, join activity in the class. Also some student get poor attitude, they shy to talk with other. To understand and find the best solution to this educational problem, I choose the topic: “How to Motivate Children in the Classroom” that may help the teachers to motivate their students more effectively. However, I also believe it is important for teachers to open-minds about motivate student in the classroom; especially until they have well educate themselves with a variety of different motivation student. Attempting to stick to a rigid, though well-thought out plan, will only frustrate a new teacher, because a teacher never knows what all of children need when they study. Having thinking for a few weeks, I decide to choose Apple General Knowledge school, Branch 3 for my research study, based in Banteay Mean Chey Province. There are 12 classroom with 260 students. There are one director, one duty director, one branch manager, one duty branch manager, two receptionists and twelve teachers. After the research study took place, we came to make some conclusions for the teacher. The topic of motivation has been studied by many psychologists. The most important thing to consider is that there are two types of motivation: intrinsic and extrinsic. The “intrinsic motivation is task motivation that derives from an inherent interest in the learning tasks, while extrinsic motivation refers to the external influences that affect the strength of learner's motivation such as that which comes from teachers and parents” On one hand, intrinsic motivation is “striving inwardly to be competent at something and to reward yourself inwardly” . Students who have this type of motivation tend to have fewer problems to study, as they have an inner necessity to learn. So, this is more beneficial for the child, and it is probable that s/he likes to learn in class. Teachers do not need extra work with this type of students, just basic control, to check that the students’ motivation is maintained. On the other hand, extrinsically motivated children tend to have more problems to study. A student who needs motivation from outside, is very dependent on another source to push him or her to do things. In addition, this type of students are used to receiving rewards from outside (teacher, parents, etc.) every time they do something well. So, if this reward is not received, their motivation decreases considerably. This affects the child’s learning, as s/he will tend to be dependent on rewards to learn and improve. This means that, although some students may be self-motivated, a teacher can contribute in motivating her/his students. The first and most important thing that a student needs to feel motivated is a sense of success. When a student performs an activity in which s/he is good at, s/he will feel happy with himself / herself and, will probably like the experience. Therefore, teachers should know their students well enough to determine every student’s strengths, and work on their motivation starting from what they like.

1.2 Statement of the Problem
Student motivation and managing a classroom are difficult issues for a teacher in her career. The teacher plays different roles in the classroom; one of her important roles is a 'Manager' in her own room. Effective teachings will not take place if the children are managed poorly or no classroom rules constructed for them and if they are disrespectful. Some students seem naturally enthusiastic about learning, but many need-or expect-their instructors to inspire, challenge, and stimulate...
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