How to Plant a Tree

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How to plant a tree
In the world, if we do something we must follow the steps. Plant the trees also need the steps. Plant the trees is the difficult thing to do. There are also have techniques to plant it. There are nine steps as I plant the trees.

There are : (1) Determine the planting site, (2) Make the planting location, (3) Measure the height of the root ball, (4) Dig the hole, (5) Measure the hole depth, (6) Set the tree into the hole, (7) Pre the root ball, (8) Backfill the hole, and (9) Water regularly or drip-irrigate. Make sure where will the trees live and then clear the location where the trees will grow. Dig away the enough soil from the place and then remove the soil from the tip of the root ball. Make sure the hole of the depth and height of the hole that you dig. Before put the tree inside the hole, remove the twine of the root ball. And then refill the hole with the soil. And the last work is watering the tree every day.

A tree likes a student if he does not have the perfect parents and teachers. He cannot be a perfect child or student. The teacher and parents like the planter. If they know the techniques the children or students must smart. Plant a tree is quite difficult. So, about the children there is no word to substitute how the teachers and parents will difficult for growing a good student.
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