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Topics: Culture, Management, Cross-cultural communication Pages: 354 (113351 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Managerial Competence within the Hospitality and Tourism Service Industries

“Excellent reading and source of knowledge for researchers and business practitioners who deal with the issue of managing culturally diverse workforces in the domestic or international setting.” – Henri Jolles, European School of Management, France “A ground breaking research culminating in a new paradigm of managerial excellence on global managment” – Dr Willem Arthur Hamel, Chairman, Maximilian Press Publishing Company and President, Association of Management and International Association of Management, USA This timely book examines cross-cultural managerial communication competence and its application within the service industry. Focusing particularly on the hospitality and tourism industry, John Saee examines the cross-cultural implications of competence across all managerial functions: planning, workplace communication, recruitment/promotion, induction, training, supervision, industrial relations, management of change, customer service, financial management and marketing. This is the first detailed study – at a national level – of current psychological and sociological theories of intercultural communication, linked to an investigation of the management of cultural diversity in the workplace within a multicultural society, a study which has global implications. This cutting-edge research advances new modalities of best practice on managerial competence which can be equally applied to all other industries around the world confronted with cultural diversity in the workplace. Incorporating well-structured discussion, the book demonstrates an excellent balance of theory and practical application, and takes an innovative angle on the analysis of host country managers’ undergoing culture shock. It will be topical reading for students across many disciplines: including cross-cultural studies, international business and tourism; as well as for professional organisations providing support services to the hospitality and tourism industries. John Saee, Ph.D. is Professor of International Business, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia and invited Professorial Senior Fellow at the IESEG-Grande Ecole (elite university), France. Prior to his academic appointment, he held senior management positions in private and public sectors, and has received numerous awards including the Associate Fellowship of the Australian Institute of Management. His books include Managing Organizations in a Global Economy, Global Business Handbook and Strategic Global Management. He is also editor-in-chief of the Journal of Management Systems, official journal of the Association of Management, USA.

Routledge advances in management and business studies

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