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Topics: Human resource management, Geert Hofstede, Cross-cultural communication Pages: 7 (1566 words) Published: November 12, 2014



Lecturer: Dr. Choi Sang Long

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Ahmad Nuruddin Sulaiman(MR121177)
Gowry A/P Muthayah(MR121175)
Norman Sapar(MR121026)
Norsaedah Mohd Ibrahim Merican (MR121174)


Nowadays, the majority of firms, especially the multinational corporations have to manage cultural differences in the workplace. In other words, the firms not only require understanding the facts of cultural differences, but also deal with the implications caused by cultural differences in the human resource management roles and practices.

In order to understand the culture diversity, we should take into account the well-known cultural dimensions identified by Geert Hofstede where cultural data was initially collected from IBM employees from 70 countries, then further enhanced with data from commercial airline pilots and students in 23 countries, civil service managers in 14 countries, “up-market” consumers in 15 countries and “elites” in 19 countries. The contributions from all this research data validated earlier findings and helped Hofstede to develop a model that identifies four primary Cultural Dimensions to assist in differentiating cultures. A fifth dimension was added after conducting an additional international study developed with Chinese employees and managers, and was applied to 23 countries. The five dimensions are :- Power distance (PDI) - the extent to which power hierarchy and inequality are acceptable in society and institutions. Masculinity / femininity (MAS) - the extent to which individuals are risk insensitive and tolerant to ambiguities and deviation from norms. It is referred to the distribution of emotional roles between the genders. Uncertainty avoidance (UAI) – the extent to which individuals in cultures with high uncertainty avoidance are described as being more risk insensitive and less tolerant to uncertainty and deviations from norms. Individualism-collectivism (IDV) - the degree of interdependence a society maintains among its members. It has to do with whether people ́s self-image is defined in terms of “I” or “We”. Long-term and Short Term Orientation (LTO) - refers to the degree to which the society upholds traditional values. High or low dimensions predispose countries to resist or accept change. This report will present discussion on the influence of culture on human resource practices based on two main studies; 1] The influence of culture on human resource management processes and practices: the propositions for Serbia (Biljana, 2009) and 2] Globalization implications for human resource management roles (Friedman, 2007). This report also takes a number of opinions and the results of other researches/studies as support in producing this report.


Biljana (2009) provides qualitative study and literature review examined how HR managers of multinational corporations operating in Serbia view human resource practices, and how the influence of the culture affected the process. The study presented 11 propositions on human resource practices (such as job analysis, recruitment and selection, human resource planning and career management) in Serbian cultural context, against selected Hofstede’s cultural dimension such as high uncertainty avoidance, high power distance, collectivism and femininity.

Among HRM practices within Serbian cultural context highlighted in the study are as follows :-

HRM Practices
Serbian cultural context
Job analysis
Serbian organizations are likely to be considered High Uncertainty Avoidance and large Power Distance. Job specifications in Serbian organizations are likely to be less specific and detailed. Recruitment practices

Large Power Distance, High Collectivism and High Uncertainty Avoidance in Serbian organizations is likely to influence the...
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