Hrm Pracices in India. Any Company Applies Hrm in India

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Multicultural communication is the most basic form refers to an academic field of study and research. Its seeks to understand how people from different countries and culture behave, communicate and perceive the world around them. The finding of such academic research are then applied to ‘real life’ situations such as how to create cultural synergy between people from different cultures within a business or how psychologist understand their patients.

The definition of multicultural communication must also include strands of the field that contribute to it such as anthropology, cultural studies, psychology, and communication.

There are many research and academics of note within the ‘intercultural communication’. For example Karlfried knapp defines is as “intercultural communication,’ can…be define as interpersonal interaction between members of different groups, which differ from each other in respect of knowledge shared by their members and in respect of their linguistic form of symbolic behavior.” For those wanting to dig a bit deeper it may b a good idea to look into the work of Edward T .Hall, Geert Hofstede, Harry c. These theories developed by the researchers and academics can and has been applied to many fields such as business, marketing, advertising, and website design. As business become more and more international, many companies need to know how best to structure their companies, manage staff, and communicate with customers. Intercultural communication gives them an insight into the area they need to address or understand. Such theories are now used within the education, health care and public service due to growing multicultural communication.

Some culture characteristics will be easy to identify e.g. whether people are conscious of status or make display material wealth. But may right are assumed, values are implied, and needs are unspoken, (e.g. for safety, security, love , a sense of belonging to a group, self esteem, and the ability to attain one’s goals.) For example, issues of personal security, dignity, and control will be very different as between an abled and disable person. Similarly, there may be problems of respect when a persone from a rigidly class-based culture meets a meritocret, or when there is racism , sexism, or intolerance in play. In each situation, identify is fundamental when disputing the proper role or “place” of the other, who in control of their lives. Or how they present themselves to the outside world. But the reality is more deeply rooted in power relationship: about who is in top of social, economics, and/or political hierarchy. Family members or long term rivals may be obsessed with their multi competition. People may misinterpret each other’s motives. For example, one group may assume they are simply exchanging information about what they believe, but the others believes that they are negotiating a change in behavior. This is most likely to arise when the parties are not completely honest with each other from outset. Individuals may wish to protect their privacy, corporations may be concerned about industrial espionage, and politicians may be bound by requirements of secrecy in national interest. Nevertheless, clarifying the purpose of interactions is essential to eliminating confusion, particularly if vested interests are involved. If time is not a factor and those interacting approach their meetings with good will and patience, effective communication is most likely. But, if the parties are under pressure (whether generated by external circumstances or internal needs), emotions may colour the exchange. Prejudice is a short-cut decision making tool. In a crises, fear and anger may trigger more aggressive tactics, particularly if the meeting is being staged under the gaze of news media.

Communication across cultures can be confusing and uncertain- unless you have right frame of mind and...
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