Humanoid Robots

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 Bavarian Motor Works (BMW) was founded in Munich in 1916 by Karl Rapp and Gustav Otto. The main head quarters is located in Germany and is still one of the world’s most reputed automakers.BMW is the parent company of Rolls-Royce Motor cars and also owns and produces MINI cars. BMW is known for its luxurious cars with superior levels of driving enjoyment and comfort along with entertainment. The logo of BMW represents white propeller blades against a blue sky. It also refers to Bavaria’s (Germany’s largest state ) blue and white checkered flag.BMW also produces motorcycles that are manufactured under the BMW Motorrad brands. BMW did not just start off by making cars. At first they started with a business of an aircraft manufacturing firm. After the World war 1 they shifted to the manufacture of motorcycles and then within a few years they started to build cars. Here in Oman Al Jenaibi International Automobiles (AJIA) are the exclusive importers in Oman for the BMW and MINI range of vehicles.

We chose this company because while going through the BMW site of Oman ,we found out that there are different people from different cultures in their team management as well as in their sales and after sales department. This included both male and female. So there could be a possibility where there are intercultural issues between them as well as in their way of approaching or participating in their job. We also except to find out many more cultural diversities in various other departments in the BMW showroom.

We will be using various resources such as magazines ,articles ,web search ,online library and many more in order to gather as many information as possible. We will also be visiting the BMW showroom so as to interview the respected officials and some staffs so that they could share us with their intercultural issues due to the vast multi-cultural composition of the staff....
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