Hunter Worth Case Study

Topics: Communication, Management, Message Pages: 4 (1414 words) Published: March 7, 2014
Hunter-Worth: Critical Analysis of Communication Breakdown and Cultural Disconnect

Robert Neal

Management Theories and Practices II
Dr. Joel Olson
February 22, 2014
The purpose of performing a case study is to apply the knowledge from previous lessons learned in the area of managing proper communication. After taking the personal assessment of communication apprehension exercise, I learned that I like to speak in group or groups of people. Some of my weaker areas involve public speaking and meetings. These two areas are important to work on since management speaks inside and outside the organization. It is important learn to communicate effectively since it concerns the organization as a whole for whom we work for. Communication is the process of sharing information between two or more people, with intentions to motivate and influence behavior. Communication is not just about sending information; it is about how one receives it and how it is interpreted. In Business Management it is the purpose of management to be able to communicate effectively to direct everyone’s attention towards the organizations goals, values, vision, and to ensure that they are influenced to act and achieve theses goals. (Daft, 2012). To communicate effectively it is important understand the role of the sender/receiver and the channels that are being utilized. In management, managers have many choices in which they communicate and is important to utilize them all in the most effective manner. Effective communication may seem simple, but there are barriers such as language in high-low context cultures that managers need to pay special attention to. According to the Daft textbook, when communicating in cross-cultural environments one should keep their messages simple, select words with care, pay careful attention to nonverbal messages, speak slowly, and avoid shouting, since this may seem intimidating to...

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