Huntsman Letter

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Huntsman-Spectroscopy Lab Internship
Huntsman corporation along with dedicated scientists like my mentor, Dr. Doug Klewer, have provided many high school students with the opportunity to take part in a life changing internship program. This summer I was blessed to be able to take part in this hands on internship.

Dr. Doug Klewer graduated from Purdue University. His first intention was to become a veterinarian, but after completing an organic chemistry course, he changed his mind. He truly became passionate about organic chemistry, so he eventually obtained a doctorate. In college he had to overcome a series of obstacles, but he reiterated that in the end It had been worth it. Before working at Huntsman, he was a lab assistant to a professor in the University of Arizona. A few years later, he would obtain apply to different companies because he wanted a change. This is when he obtained a job interview at Huntsman.

The first day of my internship I went through an employee safety training. The training consisted of an explanation of a series of codes and procedures that are used the company. After this, I truly realized how important safety is to the company. Huntsman divides its building into different sectors. Each sector has a specific dress code. The sector that I worked in required safety googles, lab coat, and closed toed shoes. The safety procedures were strictly enforced. Another key aspect was the speed limit in the parking lot. It is crucial because workers may be hauling hazardous waste across the parking lot. That same day, I was able to converse to all of the members of the spectroscopy lab. They each specialize in a procedure, and each procedure has its pros and cons. Other departments of the company, bring samples to the lab. The analysis they provide will help these departments in developing new products or fixing existing ones. The main piece of advice the workers provided me with was that, if I was considering going into the field, I...
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