Ibus 492

Topics: Multiple choice, Cross-cultural communication, Question Pages: 3 (756 words) Published: February 13, 2012

QUESTION TYPES: 22 multiple choice questions (2.5 points each): The multiple choice questions will be conceptual, not factual. In other words, I will not be asking country specific questions and details; but will ask you to identify concepts, pick the correct characteristics/dimensions of concepts from alternatives and apply concepts to real life situations. All chapters are almost equally represented in this section. 3 descriptive/conceptual essay questions (8 to 12 points, 30 points total): This section is again conceptual. I might ask you to describe a theory or concept, identify and classify certain dimensions of cultures, or fill a table (that I provided) with missing information. If you cannot remember the terminology, you can define things in your own words (and get partial credit to the least). All chapters are fair game for this section. 1 integrative/comprehensive essay question (15 points): For this question, I will ask you to take a position on a course related issue. Obviously, there is no single right answer. You will be evaluated based on the quality and depth of your argument rather than the position you take. While you are not required to know country/marketplace specific information, don’t hesitate to use examples to support your position. To answer this question, you might need to information from more than one chapter. The exam is closed book, but you can bring a paper dictionary (non electronic). I will not be using an IBM sheet for the multiple-choice section; this means that you can use either a pen or pencil to answer the questions. You won’t be graded for grammar, spelling or your essay skills, so don’t panic about it. There is no optional question at this exam. You are required to answer all questions. Good luck!

STUDY CHECKLIST NOTE: I prepared this checklist to assist you in your exam preparation. However, there is no guarantee that this is all you need to know to ace the exam....
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