ICC Assig 2

Topics: Cross-cultural communication, Culture, The Culture Pages: 9 (1824 words) Published: November 18, 2014

MARCH 2012

Assignment 2 :Case Study
Group Assignment : Individual
Weighting:Presentation 15%
Case Study 10%
Length:Case Study (1,300 words)
Due date : Weekly
Submission: Hardcopy during presentation and Online via safeAssign

Assessment 2—Case Study Paper and Presentation

Choose one of the topics from the following topics :
Identity and Intercultural Communication Identity
Language And Intercultural Communication

Understanding Intercultural Transitions
Culture Communication and Intercultural Relationships
Culture Communication and Conflict

Students may choose one of the following topics. However, in any one week each student must present a different culture. Oral Presentation Requirements
Presentations will take place during the tutorial sessions
Students will have a maximum of 10 minutes for their presentation.  You are encouraged to use power point presentations to present a summary of your case study. Other members of the class will be expected to participate in the discussion by providing feedback and comments on the presentations. Presentations will begin July 2 onwards.

Feedback will be given using Feedback form, a copy of which is included at the back of this booklet.

Case Study paper
The case study paper is to be submitted on the same day as the oral presentation is made. The paper is to be submitted in hard copy to your tutor. (Make a second copy for your records) The case study is to be written in the form of essay format, using the usual academic conventions in essay writing. Feedback will be provided using the Feedback Form, a copy of which is located at the end of this course information booklet.

Marking Criteria
Assessment of your case study will take into account:
Relevance of your answer to the question
Clarity of expression
Supporting documentation for arguments
Proper acknowledgement of documentation and use of bibliographic conventions Logical planning and sequence
Use of inclusive language
Overall presentation, including correct grammar, spelling and punctuation

It is essential to demonstrate that you have read the relevant chapters from the textbook, and include these in your reference list and in the body of the essay. Make sure that your essay is correctly referenced.  All assignments should be referenced by the Harvard Referencing System.  This system is the “author, date” method and refers to both referencing “in-text” (in the body of the essay) and the Reference/Bibliography at the end of the assignment.

You will need to select any of the following topics whereby you answer only ONE question :

Week 5 : Identity and Intercultural Communication Identity

1. Exploring Stereotypes

Choose one cultural group represented in Malaysia and present these issues:
a. Identify and describe the culture, using the stereotypes you can remember. Write honestly as your identification and description of the stereotypes is not an indication that you agree with them.

b. Discuss how you think you learned these stereotypes and from what sources.
c. Then, describe how these stereotypes may hypothetically influence communication with an individual from the culture you are discussing.

2. Avowed and Ascribed Identities Exercise
a. You need to compile a list of your avowed identities and another list of your ascribed identities. b. Indicate how you got your ascribed identities by identifying who or what group was responsible for placing this identity on you. c. Indicate any actions you or others may have taken to resist any of their ascribed identities.

3. Identity Awareness Activity
The questions below focus on...
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