If I Were the Principle of My School

Topics: Chemistry, Laboratory, Learning Pages: 1 (288 words) Published: June 26, 2011
If I were the principle of my school I would try to make my school an ideal school by introducing various reforms. I would make some classes shorter. If there were two classes of the same period on a day I would not keep them together. I would keep a recess or another period between the two. I would give proper care and personal involvement to children. Bookish knowledge would not be pumped into their heads. All efforts would be made to enhance the moral and mental intellect of students so that they can enjoy their studies. On the main bulletin – board, interesting and knowledgeable news would be displayed daily just like the blackboard in our class. To improve the general knowledge through entertainment, radio and TV would also be installed where students can spend their lunch, recess and proxy periods. I would provide the best equipments in laboratories of my school. I would change the seats of the chemistry lab as they have rusted with all the chemicals fallen on them. To keep the students physically fit and regain their lost energy in studies, sports and games will be made an important part of education. I will make sure participation in sports will be given due importance and weight age. I would make games out of the class work at the end of every week and have prizes or extra credit for the winners. I would take them on trips to learn history. If I would also keep a suggestion box which would be checked weekly and I would not request students to write their names with their suggestions if they do not wish to. I would make sure children feel at home in their school.
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