Impact of Computers on Our Society

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Impact of Computers On Society

The concept of a computing device was there since the 19th century but the actual device was not invented until the 1930s. The computers invented at that time served as a project to simplify scientific calculations and they fulfilled that task quite perfectly. Later on these were used to store data such as the process and calculations. At that time, people knew that this device was something which will never die like every important invention does for eg. The abacus(“though still used in lager parts of china”), the slide rule etc. . They knew that the computer was and will remain the most important discovery of the century. So from then on, further discoveries in the field of computer started taking place. The purpose of my presentation/ project is not to inform about the discoveries made but how each and every discovery made an impact on our society, how each and every discovery changed our way of living by making it more advanced for better or for WORSE…. The computer invented in the 1930s was an expensive, power consuming and slow device. It was normally used just to figure out which couldn’t be done with a scientific calculator. It was nothing more than a BIG CALCULATOR. But as I said this was not an invention which would die out easily, as it turns out it didn’t. There were more discoveries made in this invention and by 1970’s there was a whole industry named out of it, an industry we now know as the Information Technology(IT) industry. Abnd from then on, inventions kept pouring in, computer was made more efficient and cheap. The military started using it, scientists stored data in it but it still hadn’t affected the mass or we can say, THE REST OF THE SOCIETY, “THE COMMON MAN”.

In the 1970’s, a small device was invented… “THE MICROCHIP”. This small invention was the most important discovery in the field of computing. The basic principle of this chip was that it used basic semiconductor devices to create the whole electrical circuit on just inches of board (i.e. Integrated circuits). This Microchip converted those big old computers into small box type set-ups, even smaller than the television. These devices now could be used by the common man as they used less energy and were cheap because of the abundance of semiconductor material. This small and compact device was known to be the Personal Computer or now as it is commonly referred as the PC. As the discovery of PC was made, the computer became a global and social device which became compact, efficient and by time cheap. So, the technology which was used by scientists and army personnel was now available to the rest of the world. It is sort of exhilarating that you are using the same gear which an army person uses to coordinate attacks, which a scientist uses to calculate complex calculations which in term give birth to a new invention, element or any other thing in the world. But it is in a way dangerous to know that the calculations to make a Nuclear bomb were available to the public. But this is an extreme case and at that time no such cases were recorded. So, in a way the computer was just used for networking, research. Now came the era when further research was made in the software capabilities of the PC and soon many other applications were formed. The device which included just minor facilities now became a pool of opportunities, science and entertainment. In the beginning the computer did what it used to do for the past few years, serve as a device to store information and compute scientific equation. Slowly, the progress started to such an extent that windows 95, the first graphical user interface was formed. When the Windows 95 was launched, the computer did not only remain a device for the educated, it became a device for the common man. You could play games on it, store your documents on it, connect to another computer through it, and work and research on the WWW. Since then on, the computer was not...
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