Importance of Cross-Cultural Training for Expatriates

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Importance of Cross-Cultural Training for Expatriates
As soon as an employee is chosen for an overseas position, cross-cultural training turn into a key step in the process of preparation for the desired foreign effectiveness. Cross-cultural training is considered the primary instrument for supporting successful cross-cultural interaction and dealings.. The training is presented to an organization after a decision has been made to send an employee or a manager abroad for an overseas assignment, as a tool that promises a higher adjustment level to the foreign culture. Cross-cultural training is repeatedly credited as one of the main reasons behind the success of the overseas mission due to its coverage of personal, social, and intercultural aspects that highly influence the performance of the expatriates' internationally. For an average person to reach an appropriate stage of cultural proficiency in a new country it is usually a process that requires a long period of time, yet by providing cross-cultural training to the expatriate, that period can be significantly reduced.Being exposed to a foreign culture can be a big change to the expatriate, which is the reason why they need a personal and a professional action plan rich with a high level of details to aid them in managing that change properly, and hopefully achieve the goals of the assignment that they were sent to accomplish.One huge addition that trainees will gain after the completion of the cross-cultural training would be the realistic expectations regarding their new lives in the foreign country and their modified jobs in the host organization. This is considered an incentive to conduct a cross-cultural training for both the expatriate and the home organization, due to the fact that realistic jobs expectations are generally directed to higher job satisfaction and eventually, lower job turnover rate. The training will help the expatriate manage the level or the chance of experiencing a culture shock...
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