Important Topics of Chemistry

Topics: Atom, Chemistry, Ionic bond Pages: 2 (557 words) Published: June 16, 2012

Chap No.1
Q.1- Define chemistry & branches of chemistry any three?
Q.2-Lrean about history of chemistry for short question and fill in the blanks? Q.3 what is scientific method? Define hypothesis and theory? CHAP NO.2
Q.1-Learns about any three laws of chemical combination only statement and example? Q.2-Define chemical reaction and types of chemical reaction with one example for each with the help of chemical equation? Q.3-Define MOLE, Atomic no., Mass no. empirical & molecular formula? Q.4-DO practice for numerical Example of Mole & Avogadro’s No.? CHAP NO.3

Q.1-write main points of Dalton Atomic theory? / write five points about properties of cathode rays? /write three points about properties of positive rays? Q.2-Describe about Rutherford experiment/conclusions of Rutherford experiment/defects of Rutherford’s atomic model? Q.3 what do you know about Bohr’s atomic model? / What do you know about discovery of electron OR discharge tube experiment? Q.4-Define Radioactivity? Name three types of radiations?

Q.1-learn statement of new land law of octave, mendleev’s periodic law & modern periodic law? Q.2-write Advantages/disadvantage and silent features of mendleev’s periodic law? Q.3-write down the properties of group 1-A, 2-A, 7th –A of periodic table? Q.4-Define Electro negativity/Electron Affinity/Ionization potential/Atomic radii CHAP NO.5

Q.1-Define ionic bond and explain about the formation of NaCl? Q.2-Define Covalent bonds and its types/Coordinate Covalent bond with example? Q.3-define Hydrogen bonding / London Forces/dipole –dipole forces Q.4-differentiate b/w ionic & covalent bond OR covalent & Coordinate covalent bond? CHAP NO.6 All Definitions

CHAP NO.7 ALL definitions/Difference b/w solution and suspension CHAP NO.8
Define electroplating and explain the process of nickel plating? With the help of a labeled diagram of explain the construction and working of dry cell? Defination of...
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