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Topics: Educational psychology, Education, History of education Pages: 2 (609 words) Published: December 3, 2011
Task 4- Discuss the possible value of opportunities you might plan and develop to improve your own practice and knowledge of assessment issues. (400 words)

Striving to improve ones teaching practice is an on-going part of the profession. It is imperative to continue to and to acquire new skills to guarantee that learners will always receive a high standard of education. There are a large variety of resources that are available to teachers that can be helpful in improving knowledge and skills on assessment issues. A teacher may wish to improve on various parts of assessment theory including giving constructive feedback or to learn how to create valid, relevant, fair assessments. A very useful approach is to update your skills and knowledge of assessment by researching using books or material available on the World Wide Web. There is a vast amount of books and online material dedicated to providing information on assessment topics, such as Assessing Learning in the Lifelong Learning Sector by Jonathon Tummons plus the ubiquitous king of teaching theory Geoff Petty’ Teaching Today and Reece and Walker’ Teaching ,Training and Learning which are both very informative when it comes to assessment theory, or the website. Assessing Learning in the Lifelong Learning Sector provides very good information on the various types of assessment used, how to design assessment tasks, using feedback to help learners improve and what type of records to keep. This book is very handy as it provides guides of assessment tasks, and tests your understanding by using short tasks/exercises. The use of books and online material to enhance your teaching practice is beneficial as it is cost effective, can learn at own pace, provides theory that can be experimented within lessons; however a disadvantage is that it is not practical based and you may find difficulties transferring theory into practice. Learning by observing an experienced teacher such as your mentor or...

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