Inclusive Teaching Learning 2

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Inclusive teaching and learning

Organisations working within the learning and skills sector face increasing challenges as the UK becomes more diverse and multicultural. Differences are an asset and a diverse learner body and workforce enrich an organisation. However, misunderstandings, negative attitudes, or a lack of awareness, understanding and effective communication can all lead to segregation and underachievement.

The aim of this CPD builder is to raise awareness of the inclusion challenges in organisations, and provide ways of meeting those challenges. You might like to use the Small steps - big difference tool to help you identify the challenges most relevant to you. In this CPD builder you will find a wide range of information and guidance on inclusion in the form of research, checklists, case studies, good practice advice, videos and activities. There are suggestions of how you can use each resource for CPD to ensure that inclusivity is embedded into all activities and goes further than a 'tick box' approach, alongside prompts to help you reflect on your current practice. The resources use a variety of pedagogy approaches but those most frequently referred to include using e-learning and technology, differentiation and assessment for learning. The learner voice is a crucial aspect in promoting inclusivity as it requires listening to learners' opinions and involving them in planning - you should consider how the resources can help you do this.

Exploring these resources and using and adapting the ideas they suggest will help you to: ensure no learners are isolated or marginalised through language, culture or any other difference that may influence thoughts and actions or form a barrier; work towards eliminating discrimination and harassment;

recognise and accommodate learners' individual needs;
ensure that all learners have equal access to the curriculum; explore how the 10 pedagogy approaches can promote understanding about inclusion and inclusive practices.
Please note: The term 'inclusion' has been used in most instances, however 'diversity' has also been used when describing actual individual and group differences, particularly relating to cultural diversity.

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After using this CPD builder, you should:

be able to relate the ideas to your own experiences and inclusion challenges in your organisation;
be able to recognise how different pedagogy approaches can spread awareness and accommodate learners needs; and
be able to evaluate the usefulness of the resources to your own practice and CPD.

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Skills I will need to ensure my practice is inclusive

The ability to work with colleagues to review the inclusion challenges in my own organisation.
The ability to plan sessions that promote active learning and provide assessment opportunities that are accessible to all learners.
The ability to develop materials and resources that are accessible to all learners and accommodate their needs.
The ability to identify the varying needs of learners and to provide the support or adjustments necessary.

Knowledge I will need to ensure my practice is inclusive

An understanding of the range of inclusion challenges for teachers, managers and learners.
An understanding of the strategies, tools and pedagogy approaches that support a whole organisation approach to inclusivity.
An understanding of the materials and resources that enable equal access to learning and assessment and how to adapt them.
An understanding of how learners can take responsibility for their own learning.

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Support for your CPD

You can work through the ideas in the CPD builder on your own but you are likely to find it more enjoyable and challenging if you seek the support and involvement of colleagues. There are also lots of sources of further information and guidance you can draw on to help you make the most of the experience. Explore...
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