Individual Project 4

Topics: Learning, Educational psychology, Intelligence Pages: 2 (422 words) Published: February 22, 2015
Individual project 4
Naki Moffatt
PSYC102-1501A-03 Introductory Psychology
Instructor: Frederik D. Palm
February 7, 2015

Topic 1: Compare top-down and bottom-up processing. Provide examples of both, and identify situations in which each type of processing is more desirable.
Top down and bottom-up processing are both types of perception. In top-down processing, you process perception based off of existing thoughts or past knowledge. People, who perceive by top-down processing, typically look at the main idea or big picture before looking at small details of an image. An example of this would be the Rat Man of Bugelski and Alampay (1961). Top down processing would be good while completing an assignment or writing a paper. In bottom-up processing, you typically start by processing some details then work your way up to the main idea. An example of this would be solving a murder case. You look at the details of a case to come to a conclusion of who could be the suspect. Topic 2: Identify the different types of metacognition. Provide examples of each type, and compare them to each other

Metacognition is how someone process the information they have learned. In Metacognitive Knowledge has to deal with learning how yourself may learn information, whether it be hands on, an extremely quiet environment, or auditory. An example of this would be figuring out that it takes you longer to read a novel than read a magazine because you may be a visual learner. In Metacognitive Regulation; a person needs to make sure she understands what he/she is learning. An example of this would be reading comprehension. Metacognition and Intelligence deals with problem solving, completing tasking, and making goals to ensure that something is done right. This is directly related to Metacognition regulation, because when using regulation you are also dealing with problem solving so that you can get the outcome you desire. Metacognition Intelligence is similar to Metacognitive...
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