Influence of Visual Media

Topics: Television, Adult Swim, Entertainment Pages: 2 (440 words) Published: September 30, 2012
In so many ways than one there have been such formations in the interrelationship between culture and the visual entertainment for decades. Yet in every way that I have looked at it the media has always have an upper hand on the way it influences our culture to change. The media has always have a huge advantage on how an individual reacts to what they heard or seen. It has shaped the American culture in a lot of ways, whether it’s the violence in our culture, or the sexual tension amongst our youths in our culture, and warmth and passionate reactions from a man to a woman. In a way they are all stems from visual entertainment. On the other hand in a way the media has brought creativity in our culture. People are more aware of things, making them realize what our culture is all about. I also think that on the positive side the media has educated many people on things like what’s going on around in our neighborhoods and the world. It has educated a lot of people on how to take care of themselves, how to live a healthy lifestyle. In a way the social influences of the visual entertainment media mostly negative because I have lived through the transition of how immoral television has become. The other day I was watching television, my wife and I are always watching nickelodeon because our children watch that channel a lot. I remember we were watch “Penguins of Madagascar”, and I they went to a commercial they show a preview of an upcoming TV show that’s made for older adults. I remember growing up watching nickelodeon they used to always separate the younger children shows from the young adults shows. Nowadays while the 5 year old child is watching TV they are exposed to things that are too graphic for their age and that in its self changes the culture and American values. The cartoon channel used to air their adult swim cartoon...
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