Inspection: Chemistry and Medium

Topics: Chemistry, Occupational safety and health, Electrical engineering Pages: 7 (1492 words) Published: August 8, 2013

Hazards / Good PracticeControl measures
Immediate, medium, long-term actionsTimescale
(Immediate, 1 week, etc)
(1) Good practice: Adequate lighting, ventilation, and low background noise levels.Continue the good practice.

(2) Good practice: Operating manuals were available for some of the work equipments.Immediate: Continue to make the manuals accessible to the relevant employees. Medium: Arrange a suitable place to hold the manuals and inform employees about it. Long-term: Provide the operating manuals of the other relevant work equipment.Immediate and ongoing 1 month

1 month
(3) Safe system of work: Evidence to operate safe work system of work with permit to work procedures were posted on the walls, but not followed. Immediate: Instruct the team to adhere to any existing safe systems of work. Medium: Investigate why the system was not operating.

Long-term: Re-implement the system and regularly review implementation. 1 week

2 months

3 months

(4) Fire: 1 meter long paper rolls left on top of the laboratory bench where highly flammable materials are used. Risk of fire if flames reach the paper rolls.
Immediate: Clear the paper roll from the bench.
Medium: Hold a staff briefing to highlight fire hazards and preventive measures to clear them. Long-term: Adopt clear-as-you-work policy with a daily monitoring system supported by a disciplinary action.Immediate 1 month

1 month, thereafter ongoing
(5) Fire: Fire extinguishers blocked by a rubbish bin. Possibility of people failing to spot it during an emergency. Risk of small fires escalating. The content of the extinguisher: Foam. Fire extinguishers Immediate: Remove the rubbish bin and keep the fire extinguishers accessible. Medium: Instruct staff to throw out excessive rubbish as they arise. Long-term: Monitor the above.


1 month

(6) Fire: Fire sign talks about a roll call once in the assembly point, but fails to point people to the assembly point. Attempt to rescue people who had left the building. Risking the life of the rescuers. Immediate: Adopt assembly point notification at the reception desk until the assembly point is shown in the fire action signs. Medium: Brief the team about remaining with visitors to the laboratory at all times and leading them to the assembly point during evacuations. Long-term: Use fire action signs showing the assembly point. 1 week

2 weeks

1 month
(7) Personal Protective Equipment: Dirty white coats. Possibility of hazardous substances remaining in the white coats reaching the skin upon contact with water through hand washing. Risk of ill-health.Immediate: Stop people using the dirty white coats until washed. Medium: Arrange staff to report dirty white coats and other damaged or dirty personal protective equipment. Long-term: Arrange regular wash for the white coats at a suitable laundry.Immediate

1 month

1 month,
(8) Housekeeping: Plastic bag containing rubbish left on the floor close to the only exit. Risk of trips on the same level. Immediate: Remove the plastic bags Medium: Instruct staff not to leave rubbish near the exit door. Long-term: Arrange a suitable location to keep excess laboratory rubbish until they are disposed off safely. Immediate

1 month

1 months
(9) Ergonomics: 17 inch computer screen left on a non-adjustable long worktable (height: over 1 ½ m) intended for use from a standing position. Risk of work related upper limb disorders for some workers (WRULDs). Immediate: Inform employees the availability of other suitable workstations. Medium: Supervisor to allocate suitable workstations until they are adjustable. Long-term: Arrange the workstations so that they are adjustable for individual needs. 1 week

1 month

2 month

(10) Work Environment: Appropriate lighting, adequate temperature, and low background noise levels.Work Environment...
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