Instructional and Management Plan for s

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Instructional and Management Plan
The success of a student’s learning gravely depends on the instructional and management plan the teacher has developed. When students are successful the classroom, the motivation to keep learning and trying deepens. Students need to know what the teacher expects of him or her and have a concrete set of guidelines to follow while in the class. The classroom management plan should be centered around the arrangement of the students, the grouping of students for classroom work, and the behavior management of students. When creating these policies and procedures, a teacher must keep in mind the diversity of the students, such as students with ADHD, English Language Learners, gifted students, and learning disabled students. Classroom Arrangement

When the planning of the classroom arrangement is developed, each student must be kept in mind. The goal is creating a classroom learning environment that encourages the student’s creativity and learning. There will be a learning center for math, science, reading/language arts, and social studies around the perimeter of the room. Students can work at the learning centers in pairs so there will be two chairs stationed at each. There will be bins that hold each learning activity for the math center along with manipulative that the student needs to complete his or her independent practice. The students will be put at five tables that house six students each. The ELL student and the student with the learning disability will be put at the table closet to the teacher so help can be given if needed. The gifted student will also be placed at this table to help the ELL and learning disability student when time permits. The learning disability student will be put among the rest of the class for inclusion purposes unless he or she will benefit from being put in another area of the classroom. The two ADHD students will be put at on opposite sides of the room to eliminate the possibility of disruption...
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