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Instructional Design Paper: Dick, Carey and Gagne
The art of instructional design takes a unique gift. An instructional design artist must be able to artfully create a systematic structure for insuring the learning process. Through this paper, we will be exploring two educator artists’ approaches: Dick and Carey’s and Gagne’s. Dick and Carey’s Approach

Many educators base their instructional design off of a theory for how the human learns. The Dick and Carey instructional design is based on the cognitive theory of learning. There are two main principles of cognitive theory Dick and Carey based their approach on: one organizes what he or she has learned; and newly learned information can be organized better for more comprehension when associated with past learning experiences. Gagne’s Approach

Similarities of Educators
In one article the author writes when describing traditional instructional design models: “In spite of some differences among objectivist traditional design models, all models require designers and developers to set or identify: learners’ prior knowledge, goals or general expected learning outcomes, specific learning outcomes or performance objectives, instructional strategies, assessment strategies and techniques, and evaluation procedures (Moallem, 2001).” Both Robert M. Gagne’ and Walter Dick & Lou Carey have been place in the traditional design models section. Both the Gagne’ and the Dick & Carey models have steps to be followed to create well planned instruction. These steps have similarities such as having expectations for learning and performance objectives. There is also an assessment step. Having the learners show what they have learned through practice and a post test type of assessment. During the process of creating instruction both model use feedback of the learner and the instruction to aid in better learning. Both models also fall under the objectivist in an article on the Southern Polytechnic website, and along...
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