Intercultural Comm Final Study Guide

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Communication, Culture Pages: 14 (3213 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Chapter 4 – Communicating Across Cultures

Multiple Choice Questions

1.Which of the following does not constitute a normal interpersonal communication task for managers? a. coordinate activities
b. disseminate information
c. motivate employees
d. give speeches at conferences (moderate, page 126)

2.According to communication researchers Samovar, Porter, and Jain, ______________. a. cultural factors pervade the communication process (difficult, page 126) b. noise is always equally present in cross-cultural communication c. culture does not influence with whom we choose to speak d. communication behavior is not largely dependent on culture

3.All of the following are part of a person’s life space EXCEPT: a. culture.
b. experience.
c. values.
d. all of the above. (moderate, page 126)

4.When a member of one culture sends a message to a member of another culture, ______________ takes place. a. the value chain
b. intercultural communication (moderate, page 127)
c. the communication adoption process
d. homogeneous communication

5.___________ is the process in which people look for the explanation of another person’s behavior. a. Attribution (moderate, page 128)
b. Cultural noise
c. Stereotyping
d. Affirmation

6.That people in a failed communication blame their confusion on the other person’s stupidity, deceit, or greed is an example of ______________. a. cultural noise
b. attribution (easy, page 128)
c. life space
d. selective transmission

7.Which of the following is NOT a cultural variable in the communication process? a. life space (moderate, page 131)
b. attitudes
c. thought patterns
d. proxemics

8.______________ and ______________ are cultural variables in the communication process. a. Attitude and ethnicity
b. Ethnicity and physical appearance
c. Thought patterns and language (difficult, page 131)
d. Ethnicity and language

9.The role of the manager ______________.
a. is the same across cultures
b. varies only slightly across cultures
c. is the same in nearly all cultures but varies slightly in some cultures d. varies widely across cultures (moderate, page 132)

10.______________ and ______________ are elements of nonverbal communication. a. Ethnicity and language
b. Proxemics and ethnicity
c. Kinesic behavior and proxemics (difficult, page 133) d. Language and object language

11.Nonverbal communication includes all of the following EXCEPT: a. kinesic behavior.
b. proxemics.
c. paralanguage.
d. attributions. (moderate, page 133)

12.When a person assumes that every member of a particular subculture has the same characteristics or traits, this is known as ______________. a. attribution
b. stereotyping (easy, page 131)
c. cultural noise
d. kinesic behavior

13.Which of the following is NOT a form of nonverbal communication? a. proxemics
b. paralanguage
c. object language
d. word choice (easy, page 133)

14.Posture, gestures, facial expressions, and eye contact are examples of _____________. a. kinesic behavior (easy, page 133)
b. ningensei
c. oculesics
d. noise

15.Subtle differences in eye behavior is called _____________. a. proxemics
b. paralanguage
c. object language
d. oculesics (moderate, page 134)

16.Which of the following is an example of oculesics?
a. widening your eyes (moderate, page 134)
b. moving closer to the listener
c. speaking faster
d. touching while you speak

17.Which of the following would likely occur in a high-contact culture? a. widening your eyes
b. looking at your watch
c. speaking faster
d. touching while you speak (moderate, page 134)

18.Which of the following is an example of proxemics?
a. widening...
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