Intercultural Communication

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Introduction to Communication
“Intercultural Communication”

Madam Nur Nabilah Bt Abdullah

Siti Noor Raudhah Binti Adil124954
Umirul Basirah bt Abdul Ghani 125261

English for International Communication is one of the courses under the Faculty of Language and Management, International Islamic University of Malaysia. Introduction to Communication is one of the core courses that is mandatory for every of the student of this respective course to complete. As for this subject, a group assignment has been assigned for all students. The assignment is to do an interview on a Native Speaker and write a report based on their review regarding Intercultural. Intercultural Communication is one of the sub topic for this subject that gives a big impact to the students since it discuss on multicultural communication, the study on other culture’s background, traditionally and modern since culture can be defined as ongoing matter influenced by beliefs, philosophy, religion, geography located and manners.


Based on this assignment, there are several goals that needed by the students to achieve in order to complete the report.

* To study how other culture live their everyday life and how is it differ from our culture * To know how their culture react on certain issues as compared to our culture * To avoid ethnocentrism by studying their culture


* Online research
* Interview
* Group Discussion


By using all the method that has been listed above, then it is possible for this interview to be done successfully. Hoping that students will gain information and knowledge as much as they can by using this interview as a platform to widen their knowledge in global level day by day.
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