Intercultural Communication

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Today the world is characterized by a growing number of contacts resulting in communication between people in different languages and different environment in cultures. Intercultural communication take place within areas of business, military, science, education, media, entertainment, tourism but also of immigration brought about by labor or political conflicts ( The impact of competence communication and the effects of various type of communication in intercultural communication.


Intercultural communication can be viewed in various contexts, it can be defined through social, political, cultural values, verbal, non-verbal communication, business, traditions, written or visual communication. We need to understand this aspects for us to know as students, professionals or as human beings, it will vary in to our different ways of lives, what are the effect, how we respond to this. Today technology is increasingly growing fast this also can have an impact to us because we also use it in our daily communication like mobile phones and computers, how this are affecting our old way of living. All over the world many people from other places migrate to other places with different cultural background and different type of communication uses technology to interact to one another this is one of the importance of intercultural communication (Mohan, 2008, pp. 88 - 89).


Human being are living at the same time with different cultural background or environment to each other, it's like same situation happenings to other places like going to school and working but with different views of how they deal through communication, this one of the stages of globalization the cultural globalization. Discussion in globalization focuses only to economic and political issues, but cultural globalization has not sufficiently analyzed and do researched that has a powerful impact to it (Samovar, 2012, pp. 45 - 46). People all over the world have many types of cultures that they values like beliefs, laws, behaviour, symbol code and languages they use to communicate, all of these are shared and keep them as a valued thing. This is important to them to pass it to their next generation to keep it alive and used (Cleary, 2008, p. 11). Some researchers break up the culture into a series constituent, others overlapping to it, in order to understand most how it is affects the communication or how the communication affects the culture. New technologies such as internet have an impact to intercultural communication (Mohan, 2008, p. 90).

Social media has a big part in intercultural communication and it's growing differently in different cultures like in business. Many businesses have their advertisement and transactions through the internet by facebook, twitter and other social media. They do this to reach other people from different places so they can sell or promote their product but you need to have more creative and specific to this because it may affect other people in the way your business is being introduce ( Through social media we can easily communicate to other people in other countries and we can share them messages and images easily unlike the old days we need to write and post it then it can take a long time to receive it. There is a great impact to intercultural communication because all people using the social media now a days has the ability to interact to one another in the way that they can share other information and ideas about them like their cultures. Many would agree that we could communicate effectively with other people both locally and abroad through internet. The ease, speed, email, chat systems and instant messaging revolutionised the professional practice (Mohan, 2008, p. 105).

Competence concept is difficult to define. In humanities , it is used in the field of human resources and...

References: Mohan, T., McGregor, H., Saunders, S., & Archee, R. (2008). Communicating as Professionals (2nd ed.).
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