Intercultural Communication in the Terminal (2004)

Topics: Geert Hofstede, Culture, Cross-cultural communication Pages: 3 (777 words) Published: October 2, 2012
Intercultural Communication: Film review
The Terminal (2004)
Alberto Ariztía T.
The terminal is a movie which recreates the life of the passenger Viktor Navorski who has been trapped in the American JFK airport for almost one year. Hence, due to political problems related to the overthrow of the democratic regime of the fiction country Krakozhia, Viktor’s passport and visa turns invalid as he enters in an undetermined status in the international section within the airport. Once there, the main character has to learn a new language and culture in order to survive and he makes good friends with the workers and fell in love with an air hostess. This is a comedy-drama film based in a real case of an Iranian citizen in the Charles De Gaulle airport; however, he stayed from 1988 when his refugee papers were stolen until 2006. Thus, this story is closely related to the course because it shows the acculturation process that Viktor suffers at the very beginning when he doesn’t even know to speak English nor he manages the American culture and modes. There are many intercultural challenges described in the film, especially those related to international intercultural interaction rather than national. Despite of being in New York where many cultures cohabit such as Indian, Mexican or Afro-American; the case of Viktor is more close to an international challenge. Indeed Eastern Europe culture is not well known among American people, which makes understanding even harder. Viktor’s culture is shown as a more masculinity culture due to his reaction when the woman Amelia invites him to have a lunch or how he prepares to impress her in several occasions as it was used one century ago. In addition, Eastern Europe culture is depicted as a more collectivist culture because of Viktor’s answer when he realizes that his government has been overthrown, and also when he is asked to say to be afraid in order to be treated as a refugee. Furthermore, Viktor acts with high uncertainty...
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