Intercultural Communication Is Important for an Effective Communicator

Topics: Cross-cultural communication, Culture, Cultural anthropology Pages: 4 (1163 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Intercultural Communication is Important For An Effective Communicator

Qianya Zhuo
Principle & Practice of Human Communication
In order to be an effective communicator, it is important that people should have a solid understanding of intercultural communication. "The term 'intercultural communication' is often used to refer to the wide range of communication issues that inevitably arise within an organization composed of individuals from a variety of religious, social, ethnic, and educational backgrounds."(uslegal definition) Whether in study, business or travelling, a good understanding of intercultural communication will help you understand others better. When people study abroad, intercultural communication is necessary. In hot-climate cultures, which are based on relationship, communication must create a "feel-good" atmosphere. If someone asks, "do you like my clothes?" people in hot-climate cultures may answer "yes", but they do not think it is pretty. It is polite in hot-climate cultures to not let people feel bad. However, in cold-climate cultures, which are oriented on task, communication must provide accurate information. The same situation, people in cold-climate cultures will answer differently. If they like, they will say "yes". If they think it is not so good, they will express their opinion in a polite way. If people who study abroad do not know this, they may misunderstand others. Therefore, studying abroad requires people to know something about intercultural communication. Almost all business, whether domestic or international, involves communication with people from different cultural backgrounds. If people are doing business in China, they should not talk about their work directly. People usually invites businessman to have dinner together. During the dinner, when the atmosphere is good, people can talk about their work. However, in America, time is important. They will talk about what they want...
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