Intercultural Communication Issues

Topics: Culture, Political correctness, Christmas controversy Pages: 4 (1211 words) Published: July 25, 2008
Intercultural Communication Issues
University of Phoenix
Dr. Julie Hu
June 15, 2008

In today’s workforce a person will be able to see a very diverse crowd, including employees, supervisors and managers. Diversity is having different sorts of cultures, nationalities and genders mixed together. Unfortunately, there are barriers in which may cause problems among the workers including language as a communication issue. Although English may be the language all of the employees speak, this can lead to an intercultural communication issue due to the fact of the cultural differences. It is a know fact that Hispanics make up more than half of North America’s population.

Within this paper, I will give examples of how language can cause communication breakdowns by providing examples. My hypothesis will demonstrate how communication is a vital part of a successful workplace. Literature Review

Description of Communication Issue
Being from Mexican American decent, I am fully aware of discrimination towards my culture in the working environment. Fortunately, I do not fit the typical look, so I can blend in well, but I can also hear the cruelness some people have towards my culture and language being a communication issue. The following is an example, in which I have experienced that is how language can be a communication issue. Working for a major hospital in the early 2000’s, in my first real diverse working environment, I was exposed to different levels of employees, I also worked with inters, one of which, Monica was studying to be a doctor, and had an internship with the department in which I worked. The Development Office, in charge of fundraising, was going to teach Monica the importance of donors and how much their donations help the hospital. Monica, being from Mexico was answering phones during the holiday season, in which she was answering them the best way she new how, “Merry Christmas, this is Monica how can I help you?”...

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