Intercultural Competences

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Intercultural competence


Intercultural competence is the ability to communicate successfully with people of other cultures. We say that a person is intercultural competent, if he/she understands the culture-specific concepts of perception, thinking, feeling and acting.. Intercultural competence it is also called cross-cultural competence.

Why and what for Intercultural Competence:
Intercultural competence is needed as the basic ability for any interaction! It is not only necessary to have social skills, but also to improve the sensitivity and understanding for other values, views, ways of living and thinking, as well as being self- conscious in transferring one’s own values and views in a clear, but appropriate way. Intercultural competence helps understanding others and achieving goals Some of the skills that a cross cultural manager needs for achieving intercultural competence are: Flexibility,Humor,
Tolerance for ambiguity and Suspending judgment. To achieve a good intercultural competence results, a person needs to control 4 areas: Knowledge (about other cultures and other people’s behaviors). Empathy (understanding the feeling and needs of other people). Self-confidence (knowledge of one’s own desires, strengths, weaknesses and emotional stability). Cultural identity (knowledge of one’s own culture).

As we can see, Intercultural Competence it is very based in empathy, understanding people’s behaviors and ways of thinking, and the ability to express your own opinions and way of thinking. For many people, Intercultural competence is more an issue of common sense than understanding and interacting well with other cultures. That’s false, ‘common sense’ is very subjective. Furthermore, having a very good level of another language doesn’t certify that you can understand a culture and the way of living, but it is true that they are very linked. In addition, Intercultural competence it is...
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