Intercultural Marriage: Argumentative Essay

Topics: Marriage, Family, Morality Pages: 2 (591 words) Published: December 2, 2013

Intercultural Marriage
Emily Jones
Qatar University
English 202-156
September 26, 2012
Prof./Mr./Mrs. Smith
Intercultural Marriage
Twenty years ago, an event took a certain family by storm. An uncle got married to a girl outside his community, culture and religion. Of course, initially everyone disapproved of it, but today they are one of the happiest couples with the bond of love still fresh between them. Intercultural marriages have always been a hot debatable topic. Some people are in favor of these whereas others believe that these marriages are not long lasting. They argue that the cultural differences cannot keep the couple together for long, but my observation proves otherwise. In general, intercultural marriages are good for people. Marrying outside one’s community and culture gives the couple a chance to understand each other’s culture and values. It brings about respect for the traditions that they follow. Personally, an individual is able to incorporate these values and build a better and stronger character. Community wise intercultural marriages connect families that may have different views. This in turn helps in building up a better society where every person has mutual respect for each other’s customs. These marriages help in clearing misunderstandings that may have crept in. They enhance the understandings and the appreciation towards others. In today’s society intercultural marriages have become a key aspect in strengthening the ties of brotherhood. Every culture and religion in the world teaches good morals and values. A couple that has married outside their culture benefits by learning and adopting good teachings and standards of behavior from each other. They also get an opportunity to learn new languages. My uncle can now speak my aunt’s mother tongue fluently. Also, when these couples have children, they grow up in a multicultural environment. My uncle’s kids are multilingual and they enjoy celebrating the...
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